10 Gateways For Personal Branding

10 Gateways For Personal Branding


If you are the owner of a small business or a startup, you should know how to brand your offering. Today, the market is extremely competitive, so you should try to place your product or service in the open market to get the best outreach. And, you can only achieve recognition if you are good at branding. No matter what kind of brand you are looking to create, whether a personal brand or a company brand, you should read this.

Read the various gateways to create a unique and engaging brand today.

  • Develop Focus

Many people have no idea, what to do when it comes to branding. You must be thinking that press coverage and media is the final answer to address your woes. However, it involves many other things as well.  You should develop a key message and stick to it. Choose your target market, and align all your marketing and branding goals according to that. Your content management strategy depends on your target market. When it comes to personal branding, the niche is most important. Try to become memorable with just one topic, and drill it into your target’s mind. The narrower your mind, the better it is for your brand.

  • Do Not Exaggerate

Try to be genuine and authentic, as that will take you far. People can see right through you. If people find that you are copying from someone or falsifying information, you can be caught on the wrong track. You should always look out for the truth, while developing your personal brand. You should develop great skills in one area, and perfect your art. Anyone can see through genuineness.

  • Weave Stories

Your personal brand should tell a story. If you are not telling a story, you have lost half of your potential audience. You should build a true narrative today. No one wants to hear punchlines and marketing stories any longer. Your shoutout about your brand does not attract the crowds. So, you have to create a story around your brand. You have to develop a two-way communication strategy. Videos and written content are great for such purposes. You can make a personal connection with clients today with the help of video messages. Shooting them is also quite easy.

  • Be Persistent

It is one of the combinations with a narrow focus that can help you in taking your personal brand forward. People can easily recognize one topic if you are constantly creating messages around it. You have to ensure to stay consistent online as well as offline. You have to demonstrate persistence and congruence across all platforms. If you want to project fun, then it should reflect across all the channels.

  • Follow Someone

You can also look up to anyone’s personal brand for inspiration. You need to start marketing yourself as a celebrity. Study the most popular trends and check what your favorite celebs are doing. You will get an inkling, of what you can achieve. Moreover, you should utilize all the social platforms, and not just concentrate on anyone.

  • Buy Ads

It may seem to be a bit expensive in the beginning, but is worth it. You should definitely spend more money on Google Adwords. You cannot always depend on free footfall generation like SEO. Sometimes, you have to think beyond that. You can choose PPC ads, as well. They can generate a good amount of traffic to your business or brand. And, the best part about them is you can pay as you go.

  • Inject Your Personality into Your Brand

You should always rely on what people know you as. Then only you will get a clear inkling, of what people will expect from your brand. The brand is about you and your ideas. Therefore, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses first. By doing so, you can unleash your latent skills. This will make your brand a distinct one and will also help you to establish your identity.

  • Start Networking

You should grow your professional circle. And you can only do that by attending trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, and shows. Get involved in local CSR activities. Making more connections, can give you more visibility for your brand. You can collaborate with the individuals whom you meet at such events, and later get together for a casual meet. Becoming popular is one of the sure-shot ways to succeed in this field.

  • Ask For Information-Rich Interviews

You should form a list of companies you are planning to work with. Apart from just companies, you can also reach out to industry leaders. Do not be afraid to ask. There are people readily looking to collaborate and mentor, too. When you meet such people, ask them how you can improve upon your specific skill sets. These come with added perks, as you learn how the take the course, that your more successful peers take.

  • Prepare a Great Pitch

As you begin to create the concept for your personal brand, you should take some time aside to create the best pitch of all. You should have a 30-60 second story read about who you are. No matter what event you are attending, you should be able to describe or introduce yourself there readily. Your story should be short, concise, and should directly relay the message. Make a few key points and stick to those.

However, you can also add on, by mentioning your aspirations. The other things that are of importance here are your wishes, aspirations, and the value you can add to other’s lives.

However, these are the most important gateways for personal branding . As the digital ecosystem grows, you should be able to focus more on what persona to add to the brand. It will give you leeway over others. You should always remember to highlight, what sets you apart from the rest. Highlight your professional escapades, education, achievements, and more. If you have some experience and awards, highlight those as well. These will help you in your journey for success. So, drill these 10 gateways for personal branding into your psyche.



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