Hi, This is Amrita

Digital Brand Strategist, Content Curator and Business Coach
With a brain full of innovative ideas to motivate others. I will bring up a more confident version of you.

Personal Branding Is Something I Specialise in

My own mission is to empower more than 10,000 professionals to achieve the high-profile clients. I run a business firm providing services on business consulting and digital marketing. From the age of sixteen, I started aspiring to become an entrepreneur. I was a simple child in the early days. Born in a middle-class family, it was not easy to give wings to my dreams. I completed by bachelor degree and then went for pursuing Maters in Business Administration.

I spent the adolescent years of my life studying the market scenarios. Besides, I also devoted considerable time to brush the skills and my power to convince others. Today, I have 15 years of experience in encouraging millions of customers and designing suitable business strategies as per the need.

Before exploring my luck in the career of writing and branding, I worked in various designations in many prestigious organizations. Gradually, with several events occurring in my life, I understood my actual potential to motivate others. I preferred to become a business coach and impart training to the entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Trainers, Coaches .

I had a passion for writing from childhood. But converting that into a career option was not in my to-do list. Though now it has been a primary source.

When It All Started With Low Salary

In the initial days of my career, I joined a company with a very low salary of only Rs. 2000/-. However, it did not matter for me as I was a fresher and wanted to explore the practical work area. But with passing time I realized that the work I did was worth lot more than what I earned. When I asked for an increment, the next day I was out of the company. That was the first failure of work life. However, it is true that no incident will make you fail rather you will be a learner once again. It happened with me too.

A Big Organization With Too Much Pressure

After the first company, I tried for MNCs. It was just after I passed MBA. I found the work quite interesting and the package was also attractive. But many surprises were still left to come. Within a few days, I realised peer pressure and the office politics. Corporate world was far harsher than I ever imagined. My ideas were ignored most of the times with no increment. Finally, I decided to quit it as it was becoming very hectic and unmanageable.

Days Of Frustration And Immense Support From Family

With repeated failures, frustration and anxieties became my everyday companions. I could not think of anything else to prove myself. My family, however, supported me in every step. My mother was my biggest strength when the whole world was against me. My choice of career and plans did not work out amidst so much pressure and unfavourable circumstances. But constant support from my family ignited the sleeping power within me. It gave me the strength to fight back. 

I Got Determined To Bring Changes

I finally took my pen and began jotting down my ideas and stories. So, I realized that it is something which can become my weapon to bring change in the society. I joined some courses and learned the importance of branding and then the digital marketing. I wished to focus on the opportunities coming up in my way and to leave a profound impact on my work mates. With the potential to understand the feelings of others, I felt like doing something on my own. That was the best decision I ever took in my life.

Freedom And Happiness Came Over

I took great pride in connecting with several other people who suffered failures just like me. Through various techniques I made them realise how important it is to identify your true potential to achieve your goal. I changed myself to understand the actual reason of my life. Finally, I began branding for certain firms and SME’s and also coaching the budding entrepreneurs and helped in creating lovely brands.

What You Will Find Me Today…

With a team of more than 54 members, working together for fulfilling various purposes. I have also worked with some big tycoons lists can be furnished upon request. My professionals are highly dedicated in carrying out their responsibilities.

I also entered the filmmaking industry and found it highly productive and intriguing. Be it Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad, the situation of the corporates is no different. Hence, I changed my strategies to create something unique and for the people.

Besides being a brand strategist, I also play the role of writing expert. You can look for some my publications in the link given. For the past few years, I had been helping the start-ups to grow in the respective fields.  Specialising it with SMEs.

I strongly believe that Positive thinking is not only about expecting only the best to come to you, always, rather, you have to accept every consequence with a happy heart.