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Solopreneurs & Change makers


I think that all of us possess some hidden ideas to share with others. Something that can encourage others and enlighten their lives. I believe in empowering our inner vision to drive a respectful life. Thus, we can bring the changes for a fabulous future.

Your everyday experiences, your challenges, your personal stories can bring that change. They can influence the life of others. My aim is to reach you and make you believe in yourself to achieve your goal. I create personal brands to give your company a personal and unique touch. I also support you in analysing your strengths and make a powerful impact on your customers. I and my team too possess expertise on making you a brand.


Free personal brand assessment

Do you know your score in terms of the success of your brand? I can help you in identification of the current status. Take the Free 5-minute test to get an overall overview of your personal brand. Of course, I will guide you in every step and suggest the areas you need to focus on.

Let’s Empower You to Discover Your Untapped Potential and Build a Powerful Personal Brand That Makes a Difference.

You have the skills. You have the passion. You are driven to lead your audience…

…but something is stopping you from putting your foot down on the accelerator.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve had a head stuffed full of ideas but lacked focus, clarity, and confidence to make them a reality.

But, life’s adversities have taught me the most important lesson of all: change starts within. By opening up, discovering my message, and delivering it to my audience, I know that I can really change the way we do things – for the better.

Just. Like. You.

Tell me your story. Discover your message. Let’s find what lights you up.

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My Happy Clients!

"Amrita is a magician, indeed. I observed high-end results in all the complex projects within a few days of working with her. The conversations really have some power."
Aarav Singh
Ceo & Founder Initech


Discover Your Actual Potential To Create A Powerful Brand And Let Us Help You Always

You have all the potential to drive a great team. Show your passion and I will guide you how to impress the audience. If anything is bothering you to go ahead, come to me for the solution.

I was full of innovative ideas. But I lacked the confidence to implement my skills for converting my dreams into reality.

However, different situations and challenges of life made me strong to withstand the adversities. I finally realised that to bring changes in the environment I have to change myself first. If I can connect with the audience, I can lend a hand of support towards them. By giving a suitable message, I can change the lifestyles of many, for the upliftment and betterment.

Its Only You.

Let me help you to discover your talents and the hidden wishes. I am eager to hear your exciting stories. A new path is awaiting you.



In a state of transition in your life? Looking to build your personal brand but not sure where to start? Need help navigating the online world and finding your place within it? Have goals you want to achieve but lacking the motivation and struggling to find the time? 1:1 Coaching can be a great tool to help you to move from indecision to action