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I am Amrita Gupta, a branding strategiest based in Kolkata. My mission is to infuse the wow factor into businesses aiming to distinguish themselves just by searching branding agency near me. I firmly believe that a brand is more than just a logo, tagline, product, or promise—it is the visceral connection people have with a product, service, or organization.

In my approach, I craft brand identities with strategic branding that goes beyond mere attention-grabbing. I strive to narrate a story, evoke emotions, and establish a genuine connection with the audience. My suite of creative services serves to amplify the voice of your brand. From personalized stationery to packaging that unfolds a narrative, captivating posters, and marketing collateral that prompts action—I ensure that every touchpoint serves as a testament to your brand marketing strategy and its essence.

The Brand Building Strategies

brand building strategies

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding involves contextualizing and enhancing your brand in addition to advertising a good or service. In addition to influencing public opinion, a strong brand helps you stand out from the competition and promotes expansion, repeat business, and brand loyalty.

Corporate Branding:

  • Identify the market position and understand your target audience.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Identify your value proposition and unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Hone your brand voice.
  • Establish a compelling visual identity.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a curated set of activities designed to enhance an individual’s visibility and reputation. Your personal brand is a reflection of your experiences, skills, and values that distinguish you. Highly visible experts naturally attract more media attention.

How I Develop Strong Personal Branding:

  • Assess your current brand standing.
  • Brainstorm ways to provide value to your audience.
  • Maintain consistency in presenting yourself.
brand building strategies
brand building strategies

Employee Branding

Employee branding serves as both an internal and external marketing strategy, encouraging employees to cultivate positive attitudes about their company and empowering them as effective brand ambassadors. The aim is to instill excitement in every employee about being part of your organization.

How I Develop Strong Employee Branding:

  • Embody and exemplify your company values.
  • Establish consistent employee communications.
  • Implement effective brand training.
  • Harness the power of social media in the workplace.

With Amrita Gupta, your brand is not just a business entity; it becomes a living, breathing story that connects authentically with your audience.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Amrita Gupta's branding approach unique?

Amrita Gupta’s branding approach is distinctive because it goes beyond conventional elements like logos and taglines. She believes in crafting a brand identity that tells a story, evokes emotions, and builds genuine connections with the audience.

How does Amrita Gupta ensure consistency in brand touchpoints?

Amrita ensures consistency in brand touchpoints by developing a comprehensive suite of creative services, including bespoke stationery, packaging, posters, and marketing collaterals. Each touchpoint is meticulously designed to align with the brand’s essence.

What is the significance of the kickoff session in Amrita Gupta's branding process?

The kickoff session is a crucial step in Amrita Gupta’s branding process. During this session, she deep dives into understanding the ethos of the brand, identifying the target audience, and aligning with the client’s overarching goals. This forms the foundation for the entire branding strategy.

How does Amrita Gupta differentiate a brand in the market during the strategy phase?

In the strategy phase, Amrita Gupta develops a clear plan to position the brand effectively in the market and differentiate it from competitors. This involves a thorough analysis of the market landscape, target audience, and the unique value proposition of the brand.

What role does storytelling play in Amrita Gupta's branding philosophy?

Storytelling is a key element in Amrita Gupta’s branding philosophy. She believes that a brand is not just a set of visual elements; it’s a living, breathing story. Through strategic branding, she aims to narrate a compelling story that resonates with the audience, fostering a deeper connection.